Lean is A Way of Doing Something

Some people think that Lean is just about improving production processes. I do not agree with them. Lean is a way of doing something. This can be related by our own daily life or  any processes in companies. Maybe we can say  it is a way of transformation for sustainable continuous improvement in life.

You might say, what is this transformation? May you need some samples to imagine that. I start to apply lean transformation in my private life after training of real-time Lean Transformation in 2003 in England. I started to make things easier and effective by view of Lean.

I organized my kitchen on the first weekend I came from education. Wooden spoons, knives, scoop set, wooden spoons and knives that I use to make meal were placed to the distance where I can easily  reach with my right hand. I placed the spices on an open shelf that I could easily reach  by lifting my left hand while I was standing by the oven. Blender, rondo, whisk and  water heater were  placed on the right side of the oven. I had three son and I had have  a career expectation. I was need to time saving to be succeed. Those changes allowed me to cook in less time.

So I put my hand on my shoulder and congratulated myself.

My shoe drawer also got its share from this sorting and arrangement. Our firms gave shoes for every seasons. I have purchased shoes which looks me nice by color or design. Some shoes were not fit my feet but I was feeling my self good when I saw those. Because I weared them on special days like wedding. I have selected shoes weared in this year to put drawer again. Shoes having original box and  were not weared sent to  the dormitory foundation. Other shoes which I rarely was used were sent to recycling box of municipality.  While my shoes were reaching those who need them, my point of view of  shoes changed. Shoes were not an accessory or an object where I kept my memories, but a need that enabled me to walk comfortably and safely.

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